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5470 Scotts Valley Dr
Scotts Valley, CA, 95066
United States


Chick Schedule

Chick Season 2018

This is our tentative hatchery order-list. Let's hope the hens stay on schedule!
Please call the day before to confirm we got our shipment in full.

A few things to remember:

  1. Our chicks are sexed by the hatchery to be female, but because sexing is challenging on these little guys there is a 10% chance you will get a rooster
  2. We do not take back roosters
  3. Chicks go on sale 8:30 am on the dates listed
  4. No Holds, first come first served


May 5, 2018
Still Available- May 22nd

Buff Brahma
Speckled Sussex
Gold Laced Wyandotte

May 12, 2018
Still Available- May 22nd


Silver Laced Wyandotte

May 18, 2018
Still Available- May 22nd

The Following Breeds are Bantams
Bantams come from the hatchery unsexed

Assorted Bantam Silkie
Assorted Bantam Frizzle
Bantam Gold Sebright
Bantam Silver Sebright
Assorted D'uccle

May 19, 2018
Still Available- May 22nd

Olive Egger
Assorted Cochin
Barred Rock
Blue Andalusian
Speckled Sussex

May 26, 2018

Mottled Java
Partridge Rock
Silver Lakenvelder
Rhode Island Red
Jersey Giant

June 15, 2018

The Following Breeds are standard Polish & Bantams
These birds come from the hatchery unsexed

White Crested Black Polish
White Crested Blue Polish
Gold Laced Polish
Silver Laced Polish
Buff Laced Polish
Bantam Delaware
Bantam Porcelain D'uccle
Bantam Self Blue D'uccle
Bantam Belgian Quail
Bantam Ameraucana